Each product is Carefully sourced by our Founder & Nutritionist, Alana Adolfo, who analyses all specifications and lab work to ensure you are consuming the purest foods mother nature has on offer.

Our ingredients are selected based on their functionality, potency and effectiveness. Our products are 100% pure and never contain any fillers, to ensure you are putting nothing but the best quality foods in your body for optimal health. That is our promise to you. Nature does a great job at creating nutritious functional foods, so we decided not to mess with it.

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Our Organic Wild Blueberries are grown on a small island off Canada, away from any pollution.

Our wild blueberries are grown on USDA certified organic land. Our powder is made from the whole berry- pulp, skin and seeds, providing the best quality Organic Wild Blueberry Powder you can find.

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Our Barley Grass Juice Powder is made from young barley grass shoots grown on organic lands in the midwest region of the United States. 

The shoots are harvested young when nutrients are at their highest levels. Once harvested it is immediately cold pressed resulting in 100% pure organic juice powder that's uniquely loaded with health-boosting nutrients. 

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Our Atlantic Dulse is wild harvested in the cold pristine waters of the Atlantic ocean in Maine. It is sustainably harvested to ensure minimal environmental impact is made.

It is naturally sun dried to retain all of its nutrients and then milled into flakes, resulting in 100% pure wild atlantic dulse flakes that is uniquely loaded with health-boosting nutrients.

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Puresia Spirulina is grown in sunny Queensland, Australia. With abundant sunshine, filtered water and clean air.

Immediately after harvest, our Spirulina is freeze-dried which leaves it’s nutrients and enzymes intact. Grown without any pesticides or herbicides. 

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Best quality

"Best wild blueberry powder I've ever tasted. Perfect for my Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie".

Annie B

My health insurance

"Great quality Barley Grass Juice Powder. I'm recommending to all my family and friends".

P. Bolton

Australian grown spirulina

"Great quality Spirulina. Love that it's grown in Australia".

Genevive M

Organic Superfood Powder

At Puresia, we’re dedicated to providing you with the purest organic superfood powders to help you look, feel and live better. Inspired by Mother Nature, we source the finest quality health powders for our range of Healing Teas and Heavy Metal Detox Smoothies....

We only source 100% pure organic ingredients that are of exceptional quality and grown from the best locations. Even better, these have all been carefully chosen by our founder, a qualified nutritionist – so you know you are only putting the best into your body. Browse our collection of organic health food powders today.

Discover the Benefits of Our Superfood Powders

Feeling sluggish? Fuel your body with our superfood powders for a potent dose of nutrition in every scoop. With every serving of our smoothies and healthy powders, you're nourishing your body with the wholesome goodness it deserves.

Sourced from trusted suppliers and rigorously tested for quality, our products uphold the highest standards of purity and potency. When you prioritise your well-being, you're not just nurturing your body; you're nurturing your entire soul. Our health powders provide nutrients to support your innate healing abilities. Choose our range to support your journey towards health and vitality.

Delicious Superfood Powders for Smoothies

Whether you're making a smoothie or enjoying your morning oats, our nutritional powders are the perfect addition to any meal as you go about your day. They’re easy and super convenient to incorporate in your meals – just add a sprinkle and you’re ready to go!

With ingredients like barley grass juice powder and Atlantic dulse flakes, you can rest assured knowing that you're giving your body the nutrients it craves. Embrace our range of organic powders, free from additives, fillers, and artificial ingredients.

Nourish Your Health with Organic Superfood Powders

We believe optimal health starts from within, so it’s our mission to provide the best quality health powders to help you heal your body from the inside out.

Our products are 100% pure organic without any fillers, to ensure you are putting nothing but the best quality foods in your body. From antioxidant-rich wild blueberry powder to nutrient-dense spirulina, each of our health powders are sourced from the purest corners of the globe. Explore our range of nutritional superfood powders today.

Shop Superfood Powders in Australia

Prioritise your health with Puresia’s health powders. With a focus on purity, healing, and the wisdom of the Medical Medium, we are your trusted partner in holistic wellness.

With FREE shipping for orders over $100 in Australia, and over $170 in New Zealand, your journey to better health starts here. Join our online community and receive 10% off your first order. You’ll also be the first to know about exclusive offers, expert tips and delicious recipes from our Founder & Nutritionist!

For more information about any of our products, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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