Where does our Atlantic Dulse Flakes grow?Β 

Puresia Atlantic Dulse is wild harvested in the cold pristine waters of the Atlantic ocean in Maine. Small boats go out on the waters and go along the shoreline and collect the live Dulse seaweed. The producers have been hand harvesting our pulse for nearly 20 years. As such, our Atlantic Dulse Flakes are Wild and raw.Β 

Atlantic dulse is an incredible superfood of the sea, with an impressive nutrition profile for good health, such as iodine and potassium.

How are our Atlantic Dulse Flakes produced?

A lot of thought goes into harvesting our Atlantic Dulse Flakes and the producers always have a harvesting plan to make sure that it is sustainably harvested to ensure minimal environmental impact is made. They only harvest new growth of pulse, leaving the deeper, mature plants alone as they are responsible for creating good spawn of new plants for years to come.

Once harvested, it is naturally sun dried to retain all of its nutrients and then milled into flakes, resulting in 100% pure wild atlantic dulse flakes that is uniquely loaded with health-boosting nutrients.

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