Where does our Spirulina powder grow? 

Puresia Spirulina is grown in sunny South-East Queensland, Australia, on Certified Organic farmland. With abundant sunshine, filtered water and clean air, this ideal setup has created an environment to naturally develop key nutritional elements, creating highly absorbable sources of key minerals such as iron. When producing our spirulina, they practise and are committed to sustainable farming practices which safeguards the environment, and is greenhouse-grown protected from the elements.

The water that is caught for our spirulina is frequently biologically and chemically tested to ensure that it is pure. 

Made from only one ingredient; 100% Pure Spirulina (Arthrospira Plantensis), and grown without any pesticides or herbicides. 

How is our Spirulina produced?

Immediately after harvest, our Spirulina is freeze-dried which leaves its nutrients and enzymes intact, and made into a powder. It is 100% Raw and Non-GMO Spirulina. 

It contains all essential amino acids, with over 65% easily digestible plant-based protein, along with vital minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. 

Each batch is tested for heavy metals, mycotoxins, chemistry and biology. Our spirulina is mould, chemical free and Non-GMO. 

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